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Eleven steps towards the Kingdom of Earth went one step left ...
Land development is joy

Finally one day eliminate the east is west
Westernmost end love is the heart
Bet that not a day too early nor too late, the whole area is kind ruling.


Although the potential life that is seen sir! God greenest man in the world sir good memories I miss the times I wish this could deliver yourself sir!


Too far ... too close! Voice from the minaret of the mosque muezzin is heard in the city: the morning prayer to the present Imam, Imam Mehdi Saheb al-Zaman (as) and that day is far away and too close!


Where you waiting for? What a strange expectation? You waiting time between my dear What a strange, strange how the more easy by habit absence
What children's play area Sprdym heart, how carefree sat. What effort? What treason?
Just sat down and told God that come?!


Friday evening a heart-rending, I said I love to write about why humans Nrsydst Why Nrsydst water pot is still sad and still love to end Nrsydst ...


Say, weary heart of Hafiz of Shiraz g come to write
Why that is still yet to Canaan Joseph Gmgshth Nrsydst?
Why Cottage Ahzan to Golestan Nrsydst ...
Friday evening a heart next to displease your presence there is any confusion Bidel ...
Amaryllis ... Where Art Thou?


Someone who is calm, wet look is mysticism,
Qdmhaysh full of meaning, his heart is made of Rain
Lighthouse on one hand and the light comes to San
Hope one day our hearts G is remote


Friday night is like an F.
I say with all whine and cry
Vshban whisper is my day
Son did not Kzchh F.
Jl Allhm Lvlyk Alfrj

You have to open that day comes, curtains Gshayy
Soil back to their lives and head Bbazym


A pure soul heaven and Janet
North Azprtv been lying on
Poor Nbvdt got from a friend
Or MRSA Sydna Trana Vnrak


Antzartv was more to my eye did not
Liver blood was shed did not like
Friday afternoon I said Azrah Myrsy
This was not my life Qrarbh Srshd
Yabn deadlines Alhsn

Last night someone I did not forced prayer
Do not leave Bghzy and throat did not sound
We like you without Rahtym
When someone does not pray Zhvrt

Except for pain love is Mhn Hmsfrt
I mentioned time and time is not opinion
The Friday night to tell my tears
This Friday Nia anyone is waiting for you!
A sad sight of a corner of the world take

Pity that you grief, try to take Vmra


The missing piece of the high-flying low

Shmrdym open at least one is 11

All this water that the ocean is not Jaryst

Sweat shame that the ground troops is low


Jun sir we share very course here Friday

Knarma you what we meeting our eyes furnace
Hjr patient who has reached the edge of life
He is the only joiner Joseph Z·hradvay ...
Come Spirit Sbzashnayy
I shout to the edge of the separation
Mentioned by all readers wailing
Shdaqakjayy Friday again?


Thursday evening without ray / Eyes like Friday waiting

Only a Friday but I come / I like all Fridays ...

Sins of the self-made

We Andakhtym Zhvrt back ...


That is not the ruins of Persepolis built
Ruins, not down that Farhad
The ruins of our hearts that every Friday Shvqt
A hundred times about the tour and the dissidents down

Perhaps the day when "Sohrab" wrote:

Anemone is living up to do ...

News from the heart of jasmine was not painful.

Must so wrote:

Each flower is ...

What Shqa Yq what ivy and jasmine flower

To be handled sir

Life is hard.

Azizi is the way that coming
Each compass, qibla facade will ...


But was still Dynhay M. Where

One person said Friday Krblast M.


I sat waiting and hope that you come, come and apply my node Bgshayy

I leave this Friday was silent and sad, the moment I leave this bitter separation from

Mdnt dust did not see a tear drop, a reference to the prayer did not Zhvrt

Read the prayer of the vulva is a prayer
Pray that the love of pigeons flying is
Read the prayer that Joseph Z. Faraj G behind us intends absence.


- Face of flowers, gardens and the desert is Golestan,
Mahdi will see thousands of pain treatment,
Says that a claim does not flower in spring,
I am a flower that is the universe of Golestan. Or
Jl Llhm Lvlyk Alfrj


Fatigue during treatment will love

World savior, refuge will expose

A sad Mkhvr Fatima! A broken side lady!

Mehdian glass and drug treatment will


But without you Jesus I Dlmrdhaym

Friday from a pilgrimage to the graves by


1099 years, 313 men waiting for someone. How much time a man wants to be ... !


G Hjr you pain and hot, I'm offended to

Sad sad time in Zmyngyrm

Myrsy said Friday the Kaaba

The loss Friday to Fridays Pyrm


Open Friday evening is waiting for you

If you come from a trip, Oh what good is

Fire of love in my soul Fkndy Welcome Fkndy

I love you but do not start and end

Head in the ninth dormitory love John I love the way

What I say? My head and your love life but do not

Imam Khomeini (RA)

* * *

Gay hidden sorrow Zsbvy Khvyshym

Hair fun because you distress Khvyshym

However, "Amin" package half the world

Attached to the Fellowship Khorasani Khvyshym


* * *

If my heart to love, be followed sweetheart!

On the heart waiting day and night sweetheart Be!

Eternal in the heart of your sweetheart is browsing

Rosen heart of the conqueror, waiting to be friend!


* * *

God told me to send Moradi

Have a storm, send salvation

They whispered that the "Mahdi, or"

Salvati send vow amaryllis

* * *

Party domination in Cup has led Mehdi

Znvr object is infinitely Mehdi

Is recorded that the world Qods Jrydh

Mehdi is the clear guidance Glvazhh

* * *

What I love is when you only get with you!

And erase your eyes I watch you!

You were hidden from my eyes and know

Today and tomorrow get back with you all!

Mehdi Khalilian

* * *

A good breeze from the coast to head through you

Vai warbler migration to the plains around you

IP راهیان! Gr of our land through your sweetheart

See him a question that spring, when are you appearance!

Mohammad Reza Turkish

* * *

I have my air, air Mdnt A.

Voice your foot is the voice of a. Mdnt

Spring come to your home with our heart

Our walk home No, Safai Mdnt A.

* * *

Finally one day eliminate the east is west

Westernmost end love is the heart

When I see Nick is too early nor too late

Governor-general is kind Regions

* * *

Midnight if your God will

ASK GOD'll meet you

So that John and I come from breast self-

Your love you and I will fulfill my friend

* * *

Mdnt voice to deliver our ears!

Absence of time to deliver the end

Next time ill Torbat Zahra your bulk

Their prayers to help deliver this beggar!

Javad Heidari

* * *

Sir watching the Hvhast, I know

Envelope hands like me alone, I know

Sir, if you do not round on, because

In our sin-filled eyes, I know

* * *

We love and understand literature and Mrftym

Our soil Qdvm what Zbya Sftym

Got tired of ugly deeds dissidents

You need two cups Mrftym

* * *

Bob Nejati were speaking God send!

Let the bitter taste of the vegetable category!

Green comes with the knowledge on the shoulders of Imamat

What off meeting, Salvati send!

* * *

Read the prayer of the vulva is a prayer

Pray that the love of pigeons flying is

Read the prayer Faraj Joseph Zahra

G behind the absence of us intends

* * *

The missing piece of the high-flying low

Open eleven times and a low Shmrdym

All this water that now is not the ocean

Sweat shame that the ground troops is low

* * *

Not in this mountain sound and not in the dusty plains

Not on this day of hope, not away from it ride

A brush will love our heart to eye Rahan

We are determined to help ride quiescence

Saeed Biyabanak

* * *

When storms come in the generation Rkabt

Riding in the forest, this forest Rkabt

When you come Nvshan earth sky

Breath of fire, death without men Rkabt

* * *

Perigee height of the stealth of the night come

Cho comes time to time, come to embrace embrace

Vsfashan swear to wait, to swear Reich

Hymh the horse to breathe their oath

Round about the darkness at night wash

Fresh blood to wash the earth again

Ali Moallem

* * *

Read helpers, all comfort

Confederation song in parting Janan

I sing every night, poetry confederation

Friday night and I mentioned or Mehdi

* * *

Mehdi foot, all the military service

G pillars of superpower Andazym

We Khmaranym, Abd Jananym

Ansaralmhdy stay forever

* * *

We felt like rain in Jamkaran

Rejection, we address the amaryllis

Filled with butterflies as we Oji

Now we know the amaryllis

Heydari Kashani

* * *

Janan Hjran so few? The friend Koo, Koo it sweetheart?

In my heart Jamkaran met Koo, Koo met?

Wise have a crazy, hair chain Koo sweetheart?

Delight the heart of the flames, the sweetheart butterfly weevil


The space where the soul is part Jamkaran

Here is where Mehdi Saheb al-Zaman

Place here crying and since G and flux is

Here is the prayer in Imam love

Mohsen Hafezi

* * *

Ali Mahdi Where is my soul to say Qrbant

I kiss your hands say Mehdi Where Tqd Ym

Occasional Fridays restless heart is

Mhmant get this week, where Mehdi Say

* * *

What a Friday evening was one, Your are not

What tears to the faces in sediment, Your are not

Khalil fiery speech, ax shower iconoclast

Our God was once again rock Vchvb, Your are not

We've broken the tired Vdl not

But for some people what was good, Your are not

During the whole week waiting for my Friday

Re-morning, midday, sunset was not, Your are not

* * *

I sat waiting for life, Your are not

Heart on your non-closed, Your are not

Khazar way a lost love the way those

Whatever sat waiting, Your are not

Green said the wearing Kaba reaches you

Every Friday I sat down to the Kaaba Your are not

* * *

Nshss·h sorrows on my heart tonight universe

Friday passed without you this time Mr. Universe

This Friday the news you did not even

Night came and I stayed and sorrows world

* * *

This Friday also, but Your are not passed and you

Your are not a sea sky spirit

A descendant of the presence of a green mirrors

A. Taha Your are not a store Khryn

* * *

Samand rebellious love with wine

Wailing I: ((Habib Where is my

Months, I'm all Where are you?

O sky tell me

Proof that God, the sun-centered Earth Spirit

All Love F., Mehdi M. Where?))

Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi Bani

* * *

An excuse all my tears on Friday morning!

Find my wailing groan!

What happens to the comments you spent looking at?

* * *

Fars Hejaz!

Smooth sweetheart!

Who is for the moment I hope!

G land you pass my breast?

Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi Bani

* * *

Each cane flowers of all Ahmadi, Mehdi is

Marigold Mohammadi, Mehdi is

* * *

It said that: G is not a flower in spring

What's that flower as you go

* * *

Rain is good, we feel like we

Every night we come from amaryllis

* * *

Sigh all you expect

Glory all my dignity a spring!

* * *

Ten days of October is heaven legend Vafsvn

One moment you serve better our property g

* * *

I never did any, I love the solitude

Find you're not, should that I had died

* * *

Zlykha see and hear Joseph

Who like to see hear

* * *

Scout dawn light comes

Amir caravan of love and passion is

* * *

So that all you Lta Fat g Hvr heart kidnapped

G Syh what I opened my friendship?

* * *

Which Friday prayers will be answered

Lightning mounted foot pedal will be

* * *

G What is the way to fulfill our part if you comment

Kimia opinion that dark heart of gold, copper unless you

ادامه مطلب